Carol Raithatha Limited provides training and workshops suitable for a range of audiences. Features include concise/informative summaries of core issues, engaging materials, fun practicals and an interactive style.

Bespoke topics – A range of areas relevant to sensory, consumer and food and drink research – Possible topics include:

  • Introduction to sensory evaluation
  • Product assessment techniques for quality and technical staff
  • Applying market research techniques
  • Sensory evaluation tools for successful new product development
  • Applying sensory measurement concepts in qualitative research
  • Applied sensory statistics
  • Using sensory evaluation as a tool for ‘healthy’ reformulation
  • Plus . . . any other area of interest will be considered

The course below is an example:

In-House ‘How To’ Sensory Statistics Workshops – Step by step sensory statistics workshops designed to develop practical and context-relevant skills in analysing sensory and consumer data. The focus is to work through your own data and address the statistical issues necessary for your context. The facilitators (Carol Raithatha and Lauren Rogers) are not statisticians, but are experienced sensory/consumer scientists – ensuring maximum understandability!