Can a robot taste? Artificial Intelligence is changing our world rapidly, and this includes sensory and consumer research. Techniques such as machine learning are transforming how data is collected and interpreted. As part of the Institute of Food Science and Technology (IFST) Sensory Science Group (SSG), Carol is helping to organise a series of virtual events on the subject. For upcoming webinars, keep an eye on the IFST events page.  Recordings of past webinars are available on the SSG webpage and the IFST YouTube channel.

Is packaging is a helpful feature, or global problem? The sensory elements of packaging are part of the answer, and Carol was the co-organiser of a the ‘Sensing Future Packaging’ workshop which was held at the 13th Pangborn Sensory Science Symposium in Edinburgh in July/August 2019, and sponsored by the IFST SSG and the Society of Chemical Industry Food Group. You can see a report of a survey carried out for the workshop here. On a related theme, Carol takes the road less travelled, and considers what are some of the positive points for packaging in this Food Science and Technology article.

Food and drink trends tell a story about society today starting from the food itself, through to people, and to our organisations. ‘How far can we go with fibre’ was published by Carol Raithatha Limited and discusses developments in the use of fibre in unanticipated areas of food and drink formulation. ‘How lunch can fuel your company culture’ was published in ‘Management Today’ and provides food for thought about how what management provide their staff in terms of food and drink and catering options reflects on how employees are valued. 

Sensory panel performance is an important area for those working and using objective sensory evaluation (engaging screened and/or trained panellists to discriminate between and/or describe products or experiences). Carol has written two chapters on sensory panel performance for new textbooks: ‘Sensory panel performance measures’ in ‘Sensory Panel Management’, and ‘Panel Quality Management: Performance, Monitoring and Proficiency’ (co-authored with Lauren Rogers) in ‘Descriptive Analysis in Sensory Evaluation‘.