FlavourTalk 2017 in Amsterdam was organised by Flavour Horizons and included round table sessions for product evaluation and a conference on The Future of Flavours in Europe.  Carol gave a presentation on how sensory and consumer methodologies are being adapted to increase validity and take into account factors such as context, portion size, and repeat consumption.

The IFST Eastern Branch organises many events, which keeps Carol (who is the Secretary) busy.  Technical visits in February 2017 included the National Centre of Food Manufacturing, QV Foods, and the National Collection of Yeast Cultures.

Carol also helped to organise an IFST Sensory Science discussion session on Implicit Testing in February 2017.  These are methods that attempt to measure unconscious perceptions and associations.

There were many interesting questions following the Introduction to Sensory Evaluation webinar Carol ran for the Market Research Society (MRS) in November 2016. This was a ‘taster’ of the use of the senses and sensory evaluation, and their potential in areas such as new product development and marketing. Carol also ran an activity packed workshop MRS workshop in May 2016 entitled Using Sensory Evaluation Concepts in Qualitative Research.  This will be repeated in May 2017.

Carol recently wrote two articles for Flavour Horizons:

The IFST Sensory Science Group organised a successful conference in June 2016 - 'Global, Ethical and Safe: Challenges and Solutions for Modern Sensory & Consumer Science’. Carol participated in a session on individual differences and gave a talk entitled Is gender a challenge for the performance of your sensory panel?. You can read more about the session at Food Matters Live news.

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